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WAR Clan is a pro insecting clan, originally born in sector 400, where we return quite regularly.  We also move around to other sectors to meet / kill / recruit new players.  Minimum level requirement is 30.

Below are the following clan rules we play by:

Insecting is good - We allow our members to hit in sector, and will not be told to do otherwise by any self proclaimed sector police.  Just be sure to check our "do not hit list" for allies and alts etc first.

Stealing is bad - Pretty much everyone in the game hates res thieves.  There is no skill involved in this cowardly act.  We will not tolerate our members stealing from others in our current sector, even our enemies.  If you want to take their res, take it from their base.  Stealing from other neighbouring sectors however, is generally seen as acceptable.

No Hitting in Planet - Unless authorised by council.  This is to aid with recruitment, as most new recruits come from the planet we land on.  Exceptions will sometimes be made if we need to make room for all our members.

No comm warriors - Be respectful to others in comm channels.  Any grievances should be settled with your fleets, there is no need for "tough talk" and idle threats in comms.  Leave that to the carebears.

Relocate together - All members are expected to stay together as a clan, especially in times of war.  If you need to go off on your own for a bit, exceptions can be made, but please let us know first.  If you vanish from the sector without a word, we will assume you have quit the clan.

Alts - Don't do anything with an alt that you wouldn't do with your main.  For example, don't hit our clan members or allies with your alt.

No Drama - We are all here to enjoy the game, and relax.  If someone asks you to take the conversation elsewhere, please take it to a private chat channel.


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