Application for membership (Snake1587)

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Application for membership (Snake1587)

Post by Snake1587 on Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:18 pm

1. Snake1587, User ID is 43707. Base level is 43, location: 2122,76,98

2. I was in the Old 400 alliance before alliances were a thing. Next I ran with The Swarm for a while. Then I just kinda bummed it in 400 for a bit until ICU came to town. I moved to 2100 and joined GG until I realized that you guys were there after talking to Doom.

3. I am pretty good at FvF, but I'm building a baser right now. I have seen a couple strategies that I think I can replicate.

4. Doom gave me the link. He tried to invite me in the game but I never got it for some reason.

5. I have read the rules and they are pretty much the same thing I have been playing by this whole time. I think I'll fit right in.

Thanks for your consideration.


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Re: Application for membership (Snake1587)

Post by Dark Helmet on Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:37 pm

You are in mate welcome to WAR.  Have sent you an invite to Delta clan, which is where all new recruits go untill we see them taking part fighting etc.  Then we will move you to Alpha. Wink
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